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Phillips County


On July 9th, the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office recognized Beulah Kincaid-Screws of Kincaid Funeral Home and Deputy Leon Parker for being instrumental in the planning and completion of funeral services for K-9 Sergeant Thor. Sgt. Thor was responsible for 787 narcotic related arrests, has 99.8% conviction rate, assisted in 48 apprehensions, and helped locate 5 lost people safely. The 9 year old, Belgian Malinois was an invaluable part of the PCSO team for 5 years and had served for 2 years prior with the Helena-West Helena Police Department. Described by his partner, Sgt. Willie Bender, as a friend and family member who lived to do his job. Sgt. Thor passed away on June 30th of heat stroke and funeral services were held on July 9th. The Phillips County Sheriff’s Office expresses its deepest gratitude to Kincaid-Screws and Parker for the selfless donations of time and equipment necessary to properly honor the legacy of most productive and successful K9 Phillips County has ever had by far, K-9 Sergeant Thor.