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Public Safety at Risk!


(January 10, 2024 PM) PRESS RELEASE


In the January 9th Quorum court meeting of Phillips County Quorum, the court members agreed to and put into place an emergency staffing ordinance for the already understaffed Phillips County Sheriff's Department.  The ordinance is requiring no less than a 30% reduction in staff


The ordinance requires 10 positions cut for the county, 7 of those positions are demanded of the Sheriff's Department.


Sheriff Neal Byrd wanted to let the people of Phillips County know that due to this cut, there would be a significant delay in response time for emergency calls.  He is requesting that all non-emergences come to the Justice Complex to file a report and a deputy will be dispersed on a case by case bases. 


Judge Clark Hall made it known in the January 9th meeting that he would have the jail shut down by July 1, 2024. Producing a substantial loss of revenue for the county due to monies made from the housing of ADC and Federal Inmates.


What is the public safety impact on Phillips County due to this ordinance being passed? "Unmeasurable", said Sheriff Byrd.