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Sheriff Neal Byrd standing in front of Phillips Sheriff's Office sign

The Sheriff’s Office Administration Division is headed by SHERIFF NEAL BYRD.

Chief Deputy Darrell Winston standing in front of Phillips County Sheriff's Office sign

The Chief Deputy Darrell L. Winston Sr. directs and coordinates activities of the Sheriff's Department, Supervises, collects and analyze data on division activities, requisitions equipment and services for the divisions, supervises investigations of narcotics traffic and auto theft; evaluates progress with investigators and plan actions, such as raids, surveillance and or arrests. Conducts meetings of patrol officers; and prepares regular and supplemental budgets for the division and writes grants.


(Left to Right) Ever Ford and Raneshia Ezell

The Executive Secretary, SHARON MARTIN coordinates all clerical and record keeping, ACIC and NCIC responsibilities for the Sheriff's Office. She directly manages the accounts payable processes, Circuit Court Bond and Fine Account, disbursement of restitution payments to crime victims, and makes weekly settlements with the Circuit and District Court Clerks and the County Treasurer for all monies received. This position has responsibility for submitting Sheriff's Office payroll information to the County Clerk on a bi-weekly basis In addition, the Office Manager serves as the Sheriff's Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant. In addition, she assists with receptionist and telephone operator responsibilities in the Administration Offices. 

The Deputy Clerk RANESHIA L. OLIVER-EZELL is responsible for receiving, maintaining, and tracking all civil process that comes to the Sheriff's Office. These include Orders of Protection, Child Support, Juvenile Summonses, Subpoenas, Eviction Notices, and various Writs. This position also deals with felony arrest warrants from Circuit Court and maintains the Sheriff's Fee Account. She also participates in the preparation of monthly reports and with compiling comparative and statistical data for the Sheriff and management personnel. In addition, she assists with receptionist and telephone operator responsibilities in the Administration Offices. 


The Jail Coordinator JEFF HEAGWOOD is responsible for all Phillips County Inmates. 

Transport Officer DEPUTY LEON PARKER